Fence Regulations & Permits

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Fence Regulations & Permits

Fence regulations vary based on the zoning of a property.  Fence permits are only required for City properties, but there are zoning regulations to follow in the County as well.

City Zoning

County Zoning

What do I need to do before I build or replace a fence?

If your property (residential or commercial) is within city limits and has a 3-4 digit property address, you need to purchase a Fence Construction Permit.

If your property is beyond city limits and has a 5 digit address within St. Joseph County, you are not required to purchase a permit before erecting or replacing a fence, but still must follow zoning regulations.

How much does a construction permit for a fence cost?

The permit fee is based on the value of the job (cost of labor and materials).

Who should purchase a permit?

The contractors that are performing the work must be either a Registered Building Contractor or the property owner in order to purchase a permit through the Building Department.  

When does my fence project need to be completed?

After purchasing a permit (if within South Bend city limits) you must start the job within 6 months and complete the job within 2 years.