Tent and Temporary Trailer Permits

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Tent and Temporary Trailer Permits

When are Tent and Temporary Trailer Permits required?

For commercial properties, approval from City Zoning (City properties) or the Area Plan Commission (County properties) is required before any tent is erected.

If the use of a tent on a commercial property will be more long-term than a special event with a set duration, an Improvement Location Permit must be obtained from the Building Department after approval from APC.

For Residential properties, an Improvement Location Permit from the Building Department is required before any tent that is larger than 120 square feet is erected.

What is the cost for Tent and Temporary Trailer Permits?

Improvement Location permit fees for the Building Department:

First Term - $40.00
Renewal - $45.00

Permit fees for the Area Plan Commission can be found through that department.