Animal Reclaim Requirements

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Animal Reclaim Requirements

If an animal has been found by SBACC or is the product of a public or police drop off, the pet owner will need to come into the shelter as soon as possible and identify their pet. Owners will need to provide proof that it is their animal, via microchip, photos or receipt of adoption/purchase/contract and that the animal has a current rabies vaccination.

Stray animals WITHOUT a chip are held for 3 business days and after the third day, stray animals become property of South Bend Animal Care and Control.  Stray animals WITH a micro chip will be held for 5 business days while SBACC attempts to notify the owner.  After the 5th business day the animal will become property of South Bend Animal Care and Control.

How much will it cost to reclaim my pet?

1st time - $25.00 reclaim fee

2nd time - $50.00 reclaim fee

3rd time - $75.00 reclaim fee

4th time - $100.00 reclaim fee

In addition to the reclaim fees, the owner will be required to pay a mandatory micro chipping fee of $20.00 if their animal does not already have one. Any applicable vaccination and boarding fees and if the animal resides in South Bend, they will also be required to purchase a city license if not already licensed.  

Any 2nd time redemption will result in a mandatory spay/neuter of the owner's animal at the owner's expense.


Where is South Bend Animal Care and Control?

521 Eclipse Place, South Bend, IN 46628.  The shelter is located between Westmore and Bendix Drive, behind Kennedy Park and Kennedy Primary Center. 

When can I reclaim my pet from South Bend Animal Care and Control?

Anyone wanting to reclaim their animal or see if SBACC has found their animal may come in Monday through Friday between the hours of 9am and 5pm.

How do I get more information on ?

For more info call 311


311 Process Notes

Please make sure to let the resident know they need picture ID to reclaim their pet.