South Bend Home Repair

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South Bend Home Repair

South Bend home repair programs empower residents to support their neighbors! These programs provide opportunities for City of South Bend residents to improve their quality of life and place with more comfortable homes and stronger neighborhoods.

What is South Bend Home Repair?

Home repair assistance is offered through several programs to meet the needs of residences. South Bend Home Repair programs can help with:

  • Lowering utility bills through energy and water efficiency improvements
  • Small home repairs (broken doorbells, poorly sealed windows, dripping faucets)
  • Referrals for environmental home health hazards (mold, lead, radon)
  • Community clean ups

Each program has a different start date and some have income requirements.

South Bend Green Corps is currently taking applications for small home improvements and education to help residents lower costs and increase efficiency in electric, gas, and water utilities.

The Love Your Block application period is closed. Small repair work on approved homes accepted in the Love Your Block program are expected to start in June 2019.

The application cycle for Major Home Repairs over $500 is not currently active (roofs, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, etc.). That cycle is expected to start late Summer/early Fall 2019.

The South Bend/UEA Home Repair Program will begin taking applications on Monday, February 17, 2020.  Given the timing of receipt of funding and, the work still to be done regarding the 2019 program, a decision was made to begin taking applications in early 2020.    A press release with the specific time period for applications, as well as other pertinent program information, will be provided in early February.

For more details, visit the South Bend Home Repair website.


How can I apply for South Bend Home Repair?

Call 311 to submit contact information and information about requested repairs. A program staff member will reach out to guide residents through the application process.

311 Process Notes

If the resident wishes to apply for any South Bend Home Repairs program, please inform resident that the Love Your Block (small home repairs) and Major Home Repairs programs are not currently taking applications. Only South Bend Green Corps is currently accepting applications.

Love Your Block is working directly with organizational applicants and residents should be notified in April if they were selected to participate.  If residents have questions about their completed/submitted Love Your Block application, they should contact Kim (574-485-4483) or Stacey (574-229-5349).

South Bend Green Corps is accepting applications for small, incremental improvements and education opportunities to help lower usage of electric, gas, and water utilities. At this time, only callers interested in energy/water improvements should be transferred to SBGreenCorps. (x5905)