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CODE-REQUEST: Abandoned Vehicle Removal (Private Property)

Abandoned vehicle removal waiver is a form completed by the property owner or agent requesting a vehicle not belonging to a tenant be removed from their private property. The completed form needs to be returned to Code Enforcement.

What is the cost for Abandoned Vehicle Removal Waiver?

There is no cost to fill out the form or to have the vehicle removed.

Who is eligible for Abandoned Vehicle Removal Waiver?

Any property owner or agent who has a vehicle on their private property that does not belong to a tenant.

When is an Abandoned Vehicle Removal Waiver provided?

It is provided upon request.

How can I request Abandoned Vehicle Removal Waiver?

The waiver can be obtained by contacting 311. The form can also be found online to download here

For 311:

  • Create service request to NCE so they mail a copy to resident
  • Pick up form in NCE office, 13th Floor of County-City Building
  • Share link to form via email:

Text for email:

Here is the link to download Code Enforcement's Vehicle Removal Waiver. The link will prompt you to download a PDF.

Please email back to


Mail/hand deliver to:

Code Enforcement 

1300 County-City Building 

227 W. Jefferson Blvd. 

South Bend, IN 46601


Fax to 574-235-7703


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