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SW-REQUEST: Request a Yard Waste Extra Pick-up


    What is the cost for Request a Yard Waste Extra Pick-up?

    Each month, the first large item or cubic yard shall be free of charge.

    Each additional item or cubic yard will be charged at the rate of $10.00 each.  

    Solid Waste will collect amounts up to $100.00 without notification. All amounts over $100.00 will need approval by the account holder. 

    Who is eligible for Request a Yard Waste Extra Pick-up?

    It equates to about ten (10) thirty-gallon paper bags.

    When is Request a Yard Waste Extra Pick-up provided?

    The yard waste extra pick-up is scheduled for collection on your next trash pick-up day. 

    How can I request Request a Yard Waste Extra Pick-up?

    You can fill out the web form here. Or, you may call the City's 311 call center. 

    You do not have to participate in the Yard Waste Program to request this pick-up. 

    For 311:



    Enter customer's information into ELEMOS. 

    Log the call as a "Yard Waste Extra Pickup".

    When adding a yard waste extra pick-up call, click on the top category “Containers”.

     To schedule a yard waste extra pick-up, click on the “Yard Waste Extra” container only once.

    Once the container has been highlighted, select the “Extra Pickup” job from the drop down category. Click on the “New Job” button.

    Once the new job box has popped up, a new extra pick-up job can be scheduled.

    The correct date is the first thing that needs to be entered. This is very important.

    Once the correct date has been set, enter your initials in the “Requested By” box highlighted red.

    The last items to be entered are the notes for the scheduled pick-up.  The notes that need to be entered are the items to be picked up, where the item is located (front, side), and a telephone number where the customer can be reached.

     Hit “OK” and you’re done.

    For more detailed information, please refer to the ELEMOS Manual. 

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