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ACC-SERVICE: Orphaned Wildlife

Orphaned and Injured Wildlife

If you see open wounds or other injuries, or you know in fact that a young wild animal has lost its parent, consult SBACC

How can I tell if an animal is abandonded?

Orphaned wildlife would be wildlife such as racoon, opposum, squirrel or rabbit that is too young to survive on its own but has been abandoned by its mother for 24 hours or more. 

When will Animal Control pick up orphaned wildlife?

Citizens can bring orphaned wildlife into SBACC if it has been abandoned for over 24 hours.  Animal Control Officers can pick up an injured wild animals Monday through Friday Between the hours of 9am and 4pm.  If a citizen finds an injured wild animal outside of these times, they may contact SBACC's emergency line.  235-9303.

Who can rehab orphaned wildlife?

SBACC can only accept wildlife that is found within the Corporate City Limits of South Bend.  SBACC does NOT have a licensed rehabber on staff.  SBACC will contact a licensed rehabber to take the orphaned animal.

For 311:

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