South Bend Open Wi-Fi



South Bend Open Wi-Fi is a free public internet network operated by the City of South Bend. Residents and visitors can use Open Wi-Fi in over 50 locations around town. These include parks, community centers, and commercial areas. Open Wi-Fi is meant for general use – you can browse websites, use social media, send e-mails, listen to music, watch videos, and much more.

South Bend Open Wi-Fi es una red pública y gratuita operada por la Ciudad de South Bend. Residentes y visitantes pueden usar Open Wi-Fi en más de 50 ubicaciones alrededor de la ciudad. Éstas incluyen parques, centros comunitarios, y áreas comerciales. Open Wi-Fi es para uso general – puede explorar sitios web, usar las redes sociales, enviar correos electrónicos, y mucho más. 

How do I connect to Open Wi-Fi?

When you are at a location with Open Wi-Fi, you will see “South_Bend_Open_WiFi” as an available network in your device’s internet settings. Select the network to get connected. Once connected, you will be redirected to a landing page. You must read and accept the terms and conditions on this landing page to access the internet.  

If you are unable to connect, either because of technical issues or challenges with access, please click the red "request this service" button at the top of this page to receive assistance from a member of our team.

¿Cómo me conecto a Open Wi-Fi?  

Cuando está en una ubicación con Open Wi-Fi, verá “South_Bend_Open_WiFi” como una red disponible en la configuración de red en su dispositivo. Seleccione la red para conectar. Cuando está conectado, será redirigido a una página con términos y condiciones. Necesita leer y aceptar estos para acceder a Internet.  

Si no se puede conectar, ya sea a causa de problemas técnicos o desafíos con el acceso, por favor haga clic en el botón rojo que dice "request this service" en la parte superior de esta página para recibir asistencia de nuestro equipo.

Where is Open Wi-Fi available?

To see the 50+ sites where you can access Open Wi-Fi, explore a map of Open Wi-Fi locations here.

¿Dónde está Open Wi-Fi disponible?  

Para ver los 50+ sitios donde puede acceder Open Wi-Fi, explora un mapa de ubicaciones con Open Wi-Fi aquí.

311 Process Notes

If a resident calls with basic questions or issues connecting, such as "what is the network called?" or "where can I access Open WiFi?" please provide them with the information outlined in this brief article.

If they have more complicated challenges, either with technical issues or access challenges (e.g. can't get into a building that has Open WiFi), please help them complete the service request form associated with this article, which will help them receive additional connectivity assistance.