Connect to a Water Tap

    For a Water Tap:

    1. A contractor must secure an excavation permit from either the City or County Engineering and supply South Bend Municipal Utilities with the number.
    2. If the address is in the county (if street number is five digits) an Annexation Waiver must be signed through the Engineering department.
    3. If it is a new account, new building, or new business use, the System Development Charge must be paid.  Please call the South Bend Engineering department at: 574-235-9254.
    4. Licensed Plumber must sign our ‘Affidavit’ (this is for insurance purposes to protect South Bend Municipal Utilities against costly leak repairs) and supply their license number and telephone number. The Affidavit can be obtained at 915 S. Olive Street.
    5. Excavator must sign our ‘Safe Excavation’ form obtained at 915 S Olive Street.
    6. Contractor, Developer, Owner (whomever it may be) must pay for the Water Tap


    If all six items are completed, then the Water Tap can be scheduled. This process is usually scheduled for the following Wednesday.  Generally, at least five working days will elapse from the time all the paperwork is completed until the day the tap is installed.