What to Do If You Have Found a Stray Pet

What do I do if I have found a stray pet?

How do I report a found pet?

If you have found a stray pet, within the city limits of South Bend, you may bring the pet to South Bend Animal Care and Control.  SBACC is open Monday through Friday from 9 am until 6 pm.  If you are willing to hold onto the pet for the legal hold period (15 days) you may also do so.  However, if you hold onto the pet you must report it found to SBACC.  To report the found pet you can bring it to SBACC and the staff will snap a picture of the pet and scan it for a microchip.  

Where can I take a found pet?

SBACC is located at 521 Eclipse Place, South Bend, IN 46628.

Who can bring in a found pet?

Anyone who has found a pet in South Bend may bring it to SBACC.  If the pet is found outside of the city limits, the pet must go to the animal control agency that governs the jurisdiction where the animal was found.  For example, if a pet was found in Mishawaka, the pet would need to go to the St. Joseph County Humane Society at 2506 Grape Road, Mishawaka, IN 46545.