Sulfur Smell in Water

If your drinking water seems to have a sulfur or rotten egg smell, read below.

Is it in both the hot and cold water?

Try the cold water first. Hot water heaters can produce a sulfur or rotten egg smell in your water. If it is only in the hot water, you may want to seek the advice of a plumber.

When and where is it occurring?

Do you only smell it first thing in the morning? You may need to flush the line a little each morning before using the water. Water sitting in pipes can sometimes cause an odor.

Do you notice it at every faucet?

If you notice it when running water at only one faucet, the sink drain may need to be cleaned. Try taking a glass of water and walking into another room. Do you still notice the smell in the glass?

How do I get more information?

For additional questions or concerns, call 311 or email

311 Process Notes

Please create a service request in enQuesta for the water quality work queue for all water quality calls.

If the customer has additional questions, please forward the call to 9670