WW-INQUIRY: Water Hardness/Softener Setting

Hardness is the amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium that can be found in your water.

What is the hardness of South Bend's water?

All of South Bend's water is considered very hard.

The exact hardness level varies based on wells used and flow of water in the system. The average hardness is usually between 330 to 410 mg/L Calcium Carbonate. This equates to 19 to 24 grains per gallon.

How should I set my water softener?

Because the hardness is not constant, it is best to start out setting your water softener to treat 19 grains per gallon and slowly increase it if you do not feel it is doing an adequate job. Setting your softener too high may make your water corrosive to your pipes. For this reason, it is best to avoid using softened water for drinking or cooking.

For 311:

If the resident has additional questions, please forward the call to 9670