Street Needs to be Plowed

During a snow event, city snow plows are focused on clearing main streets because of traffic volume and use by both public transportation and school buses. Once the main routes are cleared and made as safe as possible, attention shifts to residential streets. 

What is the goal for clearing city streets following a snow event?

The Streets Department strives to have all streets clear and safely drivable 36 hours after the snow has stopped falling, beginning with the main traffic routes. However, the 36-hour countdown starts over with each new snowfall, as the main thoroughfares must be cleared again.

When can I request to have my street plowed?

Please wait until at least 36 hours after the snow has completely quit falling.


How do I request to have my street plowed?

During normal business hours, contact 311.

Provide name, contact information and either your specific address or the block number that your are reporting. (Ex:  1500 block of Brookfield)

The information will be sent to a supervisor for evaluation.