Remove Trash Container

If you are moving, or don't need an extra container anymore, you can request to have it removed. 

How can I request the removal of my trash container?

By calling the City's 311 call center. 

When would the container be taken?

The trash tote is removed on the next scheduled trash pick-up day. 

Is there a fee to remove my container?

There is no cost to have a trash tote picked up.


311 Process Notes

If a customer is requesting a trash container to be picked up from their address, please schedule the pick-up in ELEMOS. Please make sure the customer has the serial number of the container needing to be retrieved. If the container is in ELEMOS, please schedule a new job for a container removal. If the container is not present in ELEMOS, please add the container with the container remove job. Schedule for the next trash pick-up day with the serial number in the notes. 

Please indicate the following:

  • What size container is to be picked up? 96 gallon or 48 gallon
  • What is the reason for the pick-up?
  • Is this an additional tote?