SW-INCIDENT: Report Missed Trash Pick-Up

     What are the trash pick-up guidelines?

All guidelines must be met  in order to be picked up:

  • Trash must be out by 6 AM on day of service.
  • Container must be within 2 feet of the alley line or curb side.
  • Trash container must be facing the correct way - with the opening towards the street.
  • Container must not be near mailboxes, cars, trees, poles, or any other objects (at least 6 ft around).
  • All trash must be bagged.
  • All trash must fit inside the container, no extra trash will be collected. 
  • Trash will only be collected from a City-issued container; no personal containers or recycling containers. 


What is the cost for Report Missed Trash Pick-Up?

If the service was missed on the collection day, through no fault of the customer, there is no fee.  

If the customer does not receive the regularly scheduled weekly service through no fault of the City, the customer shall be charged a return trip fee of $10.00.

Who is eligible for Report Missed Trash Pick-Up?

Any resident paying for City trash services that does not receive service on their regularly scheduled pick-up day, through no fault of the customer. 

When would the missed pick-up be rescheduled?

The missed trash will be picked within 48 business hours from the initial call. 

If more than two business days have passed since the date of the scheduled pick-up day, the trash will not be collected until the next scheduled pick-up day. 



How can I report missed trash pick-up?

By filling out the web form here.

Please note that Solid Waste crews run routes until 6 PM. If you are contacting the City prior to 6 PM, please wait until the following day to verify that the service was not provided. 

*Please make note of delayed schedules if inquiring during inclement weather or after a holiday. 

You may also contact the City's 311 call center for more information.


For 311:

The first step is to check the validity of the call through the activity tab in the Customer Home Sector. If the customer was missed through no fault of the City, please refer to the Return Trip Customer Error article. If the customer was missed through fault of the City, please proceed below. 

To add a missed trash collection, go to the red phone. Once in the “Call Center Home Sector”, click on the right hand side “Missed Collection”.

Once you have opened the customer’s home browser, click on the “Containers”

Select the container that was missed - 96 gallon trash container or 48 gallon trash container.. Then select “Missed Collection Incident” and hit the “Job” button.

When The “Route Callout Request Editor” appears, select the same day for a pick up. 

Click the green check mark “OK” to finish the call.