Tire Dumping

It is illegal to dump tires. You can call 311 to report illegally dumped tires.

How do I report tire dumping?

Please call 311 or create an online complaint here. 

What happens after you notify 311 of tires that have been dumped?

The 311 liaison will notify Neighborhood Services & Enforcement. Then a Neighborhood Services & Enforcement inspector will investigate the situation to determine if the tires were illegally dumped.

If the property owner is cited for the tires, they will have 10 days to remove them from the date of citation. After 10 days has passed, the inspector will follow up and if they are not removed the NEAT crew will be assigned to pick up the tires.

Tires dumped in the public right of way (alley, street, sidewalk) are picked up on a semi-regular basis by the NEAT crew.

Where can I recycle tires?

You can recycle tires for free at Solid Waste Management District of St. Joseph County located at 828 Kerr St. South Bend, IN (near Sample and Chapin).


311 Process Notes

Please fill out the Accela online complaint form and select "Tires" as the violation details option. 

Or suggest to the resident that they are able to recycle the tires for free at the SJC recycling center.