Alley Overgrowth Management Program

The Alley Overgrowth Management Program is managed by Neighborhood Services & Enforcement. It is a seasonal program, typically May through October, which focuses on trimming alleys where there is significant overgrowth of trees, bushes, and vegetation so that the alleys are passable for all vehicles. The vegetation will first be cut back and then the debris will be left for a short period of time until it can be picked up by the Neighborhood Enforcement Action Team (NEAT) Crew.

Who is involved in Alley Overgrowth Management Program?

Neighborhood Services & Enforcement oversees the program.  This program functions in a cut and stage process. The Cutback Crew does the initial cutback and leaves the debris which are picked up by the NEAT Crew.  The overgrown alley locations are provided by the area inspectors.  The Superintendent verifies citizen complaints and will then advise the Cutback Crew.

Where is the program occurring?

The cutbacks are done in alleys with extensive overgrowth within the city limits of South Bend.

How do I get more information on Alley Overgrowth Management Program?

You may contact Neighborhood Services & Enforcement by dialing 311.

311 Process Notes

If resident wants to make a complaint against a specific property, please create an ACA complaint

Please share all content with resident since this is not a service we offer but a regular part of alleyway maintenance and visibility.