How to Check if a Property has Outstanding Neighborhood Services & Enforcement Violations and Fees 

Before purchasing a property within the city limits, you may want to complete a payoff request to find out if Neighborhood Services & Enforcement orders or civil penalties exist on the home.

Certain Neighborhood Services & Enforcement orders stay with the home such as housing violations and continuous enforcement orders. Environmental violations, such as grass and litter, will stay with the property owner's name. 

How long does a payoff request take?

Once the form is completed and submitted, a payoff request may take at least 10 -14 days.

This report includes information from the Legal Department, Ordinance Violation Bureau, Treasurer, Krisor and Associates (our collection agency), and Neighborhood Services & Enforcement.

What is the cost for a payoff request?

A payoff request is free.

Where do I find a payoff request form?

The form can be sent by mail, email, or fax by contacting 311. The form can also be found online here

311 Process Notes

  • If the resident is requesting this form immediately, then please transfer to Neighborhood Services & Enforcement ext. 9486
  • If the resident has an email, please share link to form: 
  • If resident doesn't have an email, create service request
  • Gather their contact and mailing information so Neighborhood Services & Enforcement can mail them a copy