Property Utilities Are Shut off While Occupied

When a tenant or concerned citizen calls to advise that a home or business does not have operable utilities (gas, water, electric), Neighborhood Services & Enforcement will check on each utility and its status. If a utility is not on and the property is occupied, a vacate and seal order will be issued on the home/business.

What happens when an occupied property doesn't have active utilities?

Neighborhood Services & Enforcement checks to see if a property has gas, water, and electric service.

The lack of any of these utilities can result in a 24 hour notice mailed to the property owner and the issuance of a vacate and seal order.

How do I report a property that doesn't have running utilities?

Please call 311.

311 Process Notes

Please ask the caller:

  • What is the address?
  • What utility is not on?
  • How long has it been off?
  • Transfer to front office, ext. 9486, and relay the above information.