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SW-REQUEST: Request an Extra Trash Pick-up

Extra trash such as appliances, furniture and other miscellaneous items which require special equipment or special scheduling may be picked up by the City from residential customers.

Items that are not taken: soil, rocks, sod, concrete, oil, paint, solvents, or tires. 

Items that need attention: Any items out for pick-up that contain bed bugs need to be wrapped and contained in plastic.

Any items with human bodily fluids such as blood, urine, feces, etc., will not be picked up. Resident must contact an outside source for removal of all bio-hazardous material.              

How much does it cost for an extra trash pick-up?

Each month, the first large item or cubic yard is free. Each additional item or cubic yard shall be charged at $20 per cubic yard. 

You can request an estimate for removal shall and the Solid Waste team will provide estimated removal cost. The items will only be removed by the Solid Waste team after acceptance by the customer of the estimated removal costs. 

Extra pick-up's will be picked up to $100.00 without notifying the resident. Any amount over $100.00 needs approval from the customer. 

What are the pick-up guidelines?

It must be out front; no extra pick-up's can take place in the alley.

All items must be away from any fences, mail boxes, cars, trees or other containers.

Items must not be under any power lines or trees.

All items must be able to be disposed of.

Items out for collection cannot and will not be returned.   

How big is a cubic yard?

Items like a large appliance, sofa, etc.

When would the pick-up be scheduled?

The pick-up will take place on the resident's next trash pick-up day.   

How do I request an extra trash pick-up?

By filling out the web form here.

Or by calling the City's 311 call center. 

Only the primary account holder (landlord, property manager, etc.) can schedule an extra trash pick-up. The last four numbers of the social security number are needed in order to schedule. 

For 311:

Verify that the customer is a paying customer.

If the address does not have any active service, Solid Waste will not schedule an extra pick-up. Another address will not be billed for an inactive addresses extra pick-up. 

Select the "Extra Pick-up" tab. 

When adding an extra pick-up call, click on the top category “Containers”.

Here ae all of the registered containers for the address. To schedule an extra pick-up, click on the “Extra” container only once.

Once the container has been highlighted, select the “Extra Pickup” job from the drop down category. Click on the “New Job” button.

Once the new job box has popped up, a new extra pick-up job can be scheduled.

The correct date is the first thing that needs to be entered. This is very important.

Once the correct date has been set, enter your initials in the “Requested By” box highlighted red.

The last items to be entered are the notes for the scheduled pick-up.  The notes that need to be entered are the items to be picked up, where the item is located (front, side), and a telephone number where the customer can be reached.

 Hit “OK” and you’re done.




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