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SW-REQUEST: Trash Container Replacement Request

If your waste container has become substantially damaged or otherwise incapable of effective use through no fault of the City, or if it was stolen, a new container will be provided for a replacement fee. 

What is the cost for a trash container replacement?

A replacement container fee of $50.00 is added to your monthly utility bill.

In the event of a stolen container, the fee will be waived if the resident is able to provide evidence of a verified police report related to the stolen container. 

Who is able to request a new trash container?

The person making the request must be the verified account holder for the property.  

When is a trash container replacement provided?

The trash container replacement is provided on the next trash pick-up day. 

How can I request a trash container replacement?

By calling the City's 311 call center.

For 311:


Look in ELEMOS for a registered container at the address. If there is a registered container (tag, serial number, and a variation of one or the other), then put in for a container verification. If there is no tote information present, put in for a container delivery. It is very important to add the notes to the call and ELEMOS job to (in the job notes) determine the charge associated with the container delivery. 

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